Friday, December 28, 2012

Sanibel had me at hello.

So it's kind of weird to blog about Florida in December, but in case you are planning your family vacations for next year....I wanted to tell you about our vacation this year.  I fell in love.
Our Aunt Becky offered us her new home in Cape Coral, Fl this past fall. And so we went!  What a gem of a location!!!  Its close to Fort Meyers Beach, Sanibel Island and Naples....all within a half hour drive!
We spent a day in Naples.....where we did alot of sitting and staring at the ocean..... (and, I learned that it is IMPERATIVE when googling "things to do in Naples" specify Naples, Florida....NOT Naples, Italy. In case you are wondering (and much to my kid's disappointment), there was NO underground city in Naples, FL for us to explore.  Oh me....!)
We also traveled to some nature parks to hike which was so fun.....


But then,  we traveled to Sanibel Island....where I promptly fell in love.
  And my oldest child learned how to use my camera....... for both self portraits....

And pics of us scouring the beach for shells.

Sanibel is a throwback in time. There are no stoplights. No billboards. No fast food places except one Diary Queen which we deemed worthy breakfast one day. And another ice cream parlor a 2nd day. My boys thought I deserved some lovin' for that.  After all, it was dairy, right??

There are bike rental places everywhere to explore the island.  This bike looked fun, but was like pulling a sled thru sand.  HARD!

So we opted for these bikes.... and rode and rode.

Then we dug and dug.

And walked and walked.

And we spotted manatees under this bridge on Bowman's Beach (our favorite!!!).  Have you ever seen them?  AMAZING creatures!!!

And we shelled and shelled and shelled.

 And made beach creatures out of shells.

The shells are a BIG deal here.  Stores that sell shells.  Love.



Some of the beaches are 100% sell covered.


Some are not so much.
I'm telling you.....if someone told me right now they want to buy me a vacation home for Christmas....
I will beg for it to be on Sanibel Island.
Where time seems to stand still.
And I will let that amazing blog follower come with me when we go to Sanibel again.
And we will do this together.....



Cuz' that's what one does in paradise.
Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!!!  I can't wait to see what God has in store for us in 2013!!


maria said...

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Meghan Grace said...

What a great vacation! I too just love Sanibel Island. We can't wait to go back!

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