Monday, February 13, 2012

Perfectly painted polka dots

I have been asked how to paint perfect polka dots.

Well, if it's on walls....I order a polka dotted stencil.

Like this one which is self adhesive and makes life EASY!

This is the stencil I used on my daughter's bedroom walls and ceiling.

And in this client's "Very Tiffany" tween bathroom. 

And in this clients' daughter's bath.

I have known people to trace paper plates and paint the circles in. Or try to cut their own circles out of mylar. No, no, no......!  This stencil is NOT expensive.  Spend the $ to have perfect polka dots and keep your sanity. Plus your time is worth something!
The stencil makes it so easy.

On a small project, like this lamp shade, I use what we call a "dobber".

I am not certain if this is the technical name or the made-up-Magic-Brush-name....but it works for me.

You can purchase "dobbers" in a variety of sizes at Hobby Lobby or Michael's type craft stores.

I prefer to use acrylic paints because they are thicker and therefore run less.

I also prefer to use pink paper plates to pour my paint into cuz' life is too short to use boring paint pans for everything!

Keep your dobber straight up and down and twist it in the paint.

Too much paint will = disaster, so saturate the dobber sponge....but don't glob it up.

I push the dobber on my surface at a 90 degree angle and twirl it in a circle, keeping the sponge flat.

You can usually get more than one "dot" on your project before needing to reload with paint.  Vary your amount of pressure if you feel that you should have reloaded and have a "light" dot.

I think it took me less than about 3 minutes to polka dot this lamp shade.

Easy breezy, mac and cheesy....


Gypsy Heart said...

Great info, Jen! LOVE your little Princess' bedroom and bath. I'm sure she's in heaven with it all too. I would love to see your home although I doubt I'd leave. :-)


sandi said...

we painted polka dots on the nursery ceiling with a styrofoam cup as a *stencil*. all of our walls except the bathrooms are textured so a normal stencil runs. when we sold our home 6 years later i had to run back by to drop off something to the new owner. she was proudly showing me around and mentioned the polka dotted room which she was now using as a study. i was so sad to see our dots covered with white ceiling paint, but the imprint of each circle remained since it was a bit raised. the owner could not completely cover them. funny! so wish i lived closer ~ love both the girls dresser and the john deere green table although it would clash with my sw chatroom colored walls. oh well... your projects are wonderful!

Des said...

You know how I could tell that that was a tweeny bathroom...there was no toilet paper on the roll!! Polka dots...I like it!

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