Thursday, January 8, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of paint do you use on furniture?

It depends. If I am just straight painting furniture, I usually use Benjamin Moores Metal and Wood Paint or I use spray paint. I rarely use oil.

What type of paint do you use to paint walls?

I usually use Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore. And I prefer flat paint. It covers a multitude of sins.

What brand of faux finishing products do you use?

I use mostly Faux Effects products, a few products from Adicolor and Modern Masters as well.

How do you get your crackle to look so perfect?

I only use Faux Effect's crackle systems. 'Nuf said.

How long have you been painting?

10 years

Do you have a degree?

Yes.... in computers! Ha! You can read how I got started in painting here.

Do you use a sprayer?

I have a sprayer for cabinet jobs. I don't care for the sprayer on furniture pieces unless I have several pieces to do all at once in the same color. I love the speed of spraying, but hate the overspray and hate the cleaning of the gun.

Is every room in your house fauxed?

Several are. I have Lusterstone in my masterbath and tissue paper on my bedroom ceiling. I made a torn paper in a harlequin pattern for my dining room. My living room is a plaster finish. My powder bath is a venetian plaster with leaf imprints. My oldest son has faux denim on his walls. My middle child has stripes. And my baby girl has the room that was featured in Kansas City Home and Garden magazine. You can see it here.


Q said...

How did you do the camoflauge wall?
I would love to do that for my boys room

Q said...

Is there a stencil or pattern for the camo. wall?

Magic Brush said...

to Q--- not that I am aware of. I think most people chalk out a design or use a projector to project the pattern onto a wall.

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