Thursday, January 29, 2009


The Magic Brush blog was started in January of 2009 and has rapidly grown to well over 900 followers and receives an average of 32,000 page views per month. I blog mostly about painting, decorating and home improvement. But, on occasion about my adorable kids and husband. A mommas gotta do what a mommas got to do!

I am offering ad space for a 125 x 125 block image at $20/month. The ads will link back to your web page. Prices are subject to change. You purchasing an ad will allow my adorable kids to go to college one day... but no pressure to purchase.

Included with any ad is a one time link at the end of a blog post to your shop or blog for a giveaway or product feature to help promote your product. All giveaways must be at least a $20 value.

Non advertisers can also do giveaways on my blog without paying for an ad at a fee of $20.
Contact me at if interested.

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